Choir of Survivors and visit of the Frauenkirche Chamber Choir

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Unveiling of the Statue

The Chamber Choir of the Frauenkirche Dresden stayed in Coventry for two days and gave a wonderful and moving concert on Saturday night. On Sunday 20th May, a new statue titled “Choir of Survivors” was unveiled in the Coventry Cathedral Ruins. The statue is dedicated to civilians killed or injured in aerial bombing during wars past and present. During the act of dedication specific reference was made to German civilians killed in the allied bombings of 1940-1945.
The ceremony was part of the 50th Anniversary

Jochen Bohl, the Bischop of Saxony, blessing the people of Coventry

events which commemorate not only the work of the Peace and Reconciliation Ministry during the past five decades but look towards the future as the Ruins are redesignated as a permanent memorial to civilians killed, injured or traumatised by war and violent conflict worldwide. The statue, created by German sculptor Helmut Heinze, is the first permanent memorial to German civilians within the grounds of Coventry Cathedral. The Bishop of Saxony, Jochen Bohl, also attended the service. Read more…

Bischop Christopher and the sculptor Helmut Heinze

Choir of SurvivorsThe Chamber Choir

Choir of Survivors

The Chamber Choir

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